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Welcome to our farm.

We're so excited to be able to invite you to our new u-pick, and to open the field up to everyone. 

It is a truly special experience to be immersed in a field of flowers, and we look forward to sharing this with all of you. 

Plan your Visit

Admission includes entry to the gardens and the harvest of one mixed bouquet of (aprox 20 stems).


We provide a clean container and water, as well as snips to cut your bouquet. You may choose to bring your own container to transport your bouquet home, or use one of the small bags of water provided to keep your fresh flowers hydrated during transport.  



*There are no bathrooms facilities or food & beverage sales at the farm. 

*We are at the whim of the weather. If you must cancel due to rain, please email us to reschedule your booking.



What should I bring to the farm?

The u-pick is located in an open field, so you may like to bring bug spray or sunscreen. 

Water or snacks are not currently available at the farm, so you may like to bring your own. 

If you have a bee allergy, epipens are mandatory.   


What should I wear?

The ground can be uneven in places, and comfortable footwear is recommended. A hat and comfortable clothes are also a great idea to help make your visit more enjoyable.

What is available for purchase at the farm?

During our open hours, we will have a variety of prearranged bouquets, seasonal offerings, farm fresh eggs, and packs of edible flowers.  

What is the best time to pick flowers?

The best time to pick flowers is during the coolest hours of the day, when the flowers are hydrated and petals are dry of dew and rain.

Are pets allowed?

No. Because we are also an operational farm with a livestock guardian dog, we are unable to allow other animals on the farm. 

Can I bring a friend to pick with me?

To provide everyone with a spacious and peaceful experience, we limit the amount of visitors to the farm. All guests that accompany  you and are not purchasing their own bouquet will need to purchase a visitor pass for $10.  


Can I bring my children/child?

Please do! All children (12 and under) are welcome to join you free of charge, and must remain under your supervision at all times. Lets keep everyone safe and happy :)

All children/guests 13+ that are visiting with you will need to purchase a guest pass for $10.  


Can we take photos?

Yes, the field is a great place to take photos! If you are a photographer and would like to book a time for a  shoot, please contact us to coordinate.

Please email us with any enquires regarding:

Photographs the space for a shoot


...bulk blooms or quantities of any single flower

Wedding Flowers

..."pick your own bouquet" party

Private Events

...groups of 6 or more people

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