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Meet the Farmer/Florist


I often disappear into a flower. It is a space of quiet wonder and meditation, where science and art are perfectly and poetically intertwined.


The flowers purpose is beauty; not for us, but for the pollinators who feed upon them. They in turn will enable the formation of seeds that will feed another animal, or may just float away on a breeze, to be reborn on another sunny day. 


I simply facilitate the growth and arrangement of this beauty, and this feeds my soul.

These flowers bring us together, and for you, I am grateful.

They often become a “gift” - a symbol of love and celebration -

a moment shared between people I will never meet, who will feel the echo of love and hope that was planted with each seed.


To me, the gardens and flowers are a multiplier of joy, and a way to contribute to the collective happiness. They silently teach us, allow us to grow and learn, and at the end of the season we rest, knowing we left the world a little more lovely than when we started. 

My relationship with flowers is simple, and symbiotic;

Flowers make me happy.


Around the Farm

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